Aug 19

Hotel Bissau Palace

by in Rajasthan (Jaipur)

We went to Jaipur without a plan for where we would be sleeping.  However, Kunal did bring with him the phone number of a friend of a friend who we were told could help us find lodging in the pink city. We arrived in the afternoon at the Hotel Bissau Palace and were given an incredible suite, complete with armaments.

BissauPalaceis an elegant, traditional hotel built in 1919 with, as the website describes it, “an atmosphere pregnant with intrigue, excitement, and tragedy.”

The armaments–of which there are many–come from the personal effects of the Shyam Singh, a Thakur of Bissau.  He was a brilliant general and tactician who hired French mercenaries to aid in his fight against the British and the Jaipur State. The hotel has “turreted ramparts enclosing a world of wealth.”  There is also an excellent pool for escaping the afternoon heat.  We highly recommend it!


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