Sep 06

Pangong Lake

by in India, J&K (Ladakh)


Pangong Lake is a closed basin lake.  Without rivers leading out of the lake, its water is brackish.  It is 134 km (83 miles) long and extends from India to Tibet.  Sixty percent of the length of the lake is located in Tibet, now controlled by China.  Further down the road from the tourist area is the Line of Actual Control, controlled by China but claimed by India, making it a heavily militarized area.

Many tourists visit to the lake for multiple days of camping but we only had a few hours free in our schedule.  Due to the salinity of the water, the lake takes on different colors as the sunlight hits it.  The water was extremely cold and it freezes solid in the winter.  After a couple of hours of taking pictures, skipping stones, and doing hand stands, we packed up and headed home.


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