Dec 16

Give Water for Christmas

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I wonder if Santa washes his hands before he gobbles up the milk and cookies at each house.  Practicing proper hygiene is something we take for granted, but some people aren’t as lucky to have this basic education.  Millions fall ill and die due to the effects of poor hygiene–mostly children–and MangoHwy thinks that’s ridiculous.

When MangoHwy met with WaterAid India we learned about their innovative initiatives in Delhi schools to demonstrate hygiene practices using videos,  puppet shows and health rallies.  WaterAid is also focused on helping communities gain better access to water and improving sanitation.  Their hands-on and community focused approach to solving these issues is why we picked to support them.

So for Christmas, I am asking for help to reach our original fundraising goal of $5,000 for WaterAid.  We knocked out two-thirds of that goal on our trip to India and I believe that we can make it the rest of the way by 2012 with your help.

A gift of just $25 can pay for one person in one of the world’s poorest countries to gain access to safe, clean water and sanitation for life!  That’s a months worth of bottled water to many.

I would also like to thank all those who donated already this summer.  We watched the fundraiser bar daily and really appreciated the love.

Peace and love,



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