Three friends, Kunal, Cory and John all decided to spend a couple months in India during some of the hottest months of the year.

Kunal is from India so he’s basically going home.  He is taking a break from his 9 to 5 to prepare for grad school at Tufts in the Fall of 2011.  To keep him company he invited a couple of his friends to join him for the summer.

Cory, Kunal’s extremely tolerant roommate and John’s friend from undergrad, should be finishing his dissertation on Industrial/Organizational Psychology at George Mason.  But he is also a seasoned traveler with a passion for creative adventures.  So he will take leave of his part-time (50 hour a week) internship, gain perspective on his dissertation, and help John keep an eye on Kunal… and help Kunal keep an eye on John.

John briefly worked with Kunal at a small marketing research firm in Washington D.C. and the two became fast friends.  A strong believer in taking advantage of ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities John quit his job (now in New York) to explore the innovations and developments of a burgeoning economic power.  Being unsure of what lies ahead is just part of the adventure!

Adventure with a Purpose

Well aware of the fortunate lives they live, the three friends hope to not only share mangoes, but also goodwill and will be fundraising for WaterAid.  Throughout the trip, the three will be participating in and documenting week long fundraisers to create buzz and raise awareness for the cause.  They hope to raise a total of $5,000 for WaterAid America which they will allocate to their host country (India); additional donations will be donated to WaterAid for other high need areas around the world.

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation should be accessible to all and there are simple solutions that can greatly impact the quality of people’s lives.  Please take a couple minutes to learn about WaterAid’s mission and consider a donation!

More information and videos can be found at WaterAidAmerica.org